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What Will Coaching Do For You? 

Whether you choose a personalized coaching plan or a guided program, your Impact Artist will help you create the change in your life that you have been waiting for. Coaching is the help you’ve been craving and your Impact Artist will help you find the answers you need. 

$25 Per Session, Up to 6 Sessions

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Discovering a New You

Repaint the canvas of your life with the tools and support of your Impact Artist. Together you will create something new in your life and discover the change you’ve been hoping for. 

Impact Artist? 

An Impact Artist is a coach who focuses on making an impact in the lives of others. As an Impact Artist I will come alongside you and help you create positive change in your life. No matter what you are facing, your Impact Artist can help you reach your goals.


Learn to create balance in your life. 


Learn to create health in your body. 


Learn to find peace in your mind. 


Learn to embrace postive change in your heart. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Having never heard of “Vision Mapping Strategies” before, I was very excited to learn about this amazing process on how to fulfill and bring to reality your dreams. Sharon’s VMS process has fanned into flame my renewed desire to bring life back into my All-Natural Beauty Products business with even more of a drive and excitement! Thank you for giving me the tools, showing me my potential and believing that there is no limit to fulfilling my dream.”

K. Mulgrew, Seattle

“I want to express my gratitude to you for all your unbelievable help in bringing about the vision of my business from a wee thought to a focused and strategic plan. With your vision mapping strategies journey, not only was this process great fun, but a creative, results-oriented blueprint for what I need to be doing NOW. Your continued coaching is opening up even more exciting possibilities as I continue this process of reaching my goals.” Richard Lynch, President, Sedona Adventures & Tours

“Hooper’s unique Vision Mapping Strategies concept is both brilliant and helpful. Should you be motivated to achieve great success, Sharon is your go-to coach. I also encourage you to read Sharon’s book, From Dreams to Action: A Proven Method to Achieve Your Goals. Elinor Stutz, Virginia, ‘Top 1% Social Marketing Influencer, by the Marketing Hub’

“Sharon is gifted with so many talents. Experiencing her passion and joy while vision mapping together has awakened my creative side. Her laser focus insights and coaching have inspired me to put the pieces together into a solid plan of action. I love Sharon’s no-nonsense action approach, infused with lots of love and support…do yourself a favor and contact Sharon.”
Tina van Leuven Ph.D, New Zealand,

“If you have an inkling about something you’d like to do, but aren’t sure how you’ll get there, or feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it might take to succeed, contact Sharon! You’ll find yourself moving ahead toward goals in a way you may not have thought possible.” J.G. Frank, Portland, Oregon, author of House Selling Blues.

“When I started coaching with Sharon, my dream became more real once I was empowered to move in the world of action, one carefully thought-out step at a time. Sharon’s ability to identify what was needed at each crossroad is what sets her apart from other coaches and authors. She taught me how to dig deep to find what will nourish, not just my bank account, but my soul.”

C. Cohn, Seattle

“Sharon Hooper combines gentleness, keen insight and clear direction in her vision journeys work—a rare mix which makes it all the more powerful and inspiring.”

Dr. Stephen M. Marcus, France

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